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Hubspot landing page development

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Effective entry points that convert your site visitors to leads

If you’ve come here as a Marketer you don’t need me to tell you about how landing pages should work to convert your leads, however if you are looking for best practice there is a great guide here.

I can talk a little about the developer’s view when creating these though...landing page development is centred around the creation of page templates that contain custom modules. In a typical deployment, templates define global elements that top and tail the page – think Header* and Footer. In Hubspot terminology these are “Partials” with “Global” elements locked in place.

* Without navigation - this is normally removed to enable focus on the conversion.

Hubspot Landing page templates normally give a head-start by placing the custom modules in place ready to go – a cheat sheet if you like. Depending on the latitude you want to give your content creators, you might want to lock down layouts and ensure that only a certain content type is deployed. Alternatively templates can be built that allow complete freedom in module inclusion and positioning.

I will work closely with you to ensure that critical content is above the fold and well optimised for responsive behaviour; for example building in rules that will swap the position of hero images to ensure a minimum scroll on mobile and ensuring images are well optimised in the correct format. Following go-live, you’ll almost certainly want to be running A/B testing on your landing pages to fine tune conversion tactics.

A good Hubspot website developer will enable landing page templates that are easy to use and adaptable; getting the best ROI on your Hubspot marketing spend.

I'm a freelance Hubspot developer that can build landing pages, modules and themes for your project. Contact me for more information.
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