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5 good reasons to use a freelance Hubspot developer to build a custom theme

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Why should you use a developer to build a custom theme when you could download one for free from the Marketplace?

#1 - Provide a great visitor experience

A custom Hubspot website developer will allow you to break out of the Marketplace theme approach and enable the creation of a digital experience entirely tailored to the brief. Granted, there are some great themes out there but you may not want your site to look and behave like other Hubspot sites.

#2 - Boost performance

Custom built Hubspot themes are bespoke to your requirements, Marketplace themes often over-cater for scores of layout scenarios. If your site layouts can be satisfied with a small number of templates and modules you will avoid the dependencies that will slow your site’s performance; this is all about avoiding code bloat and hitting good Google Lighthouse scores.

#3 - Improve consistency

Custom built Hubspot modules will streamline the content creation process by presenting varying content as defined, 'on brand' in a lean, efficient manner. You may have found that 'rich text' modules can give site authors a little too much latitude in styling content?

#4 - Work with best practice

An experienced developer will know how to get the very best out of Hubspot. Depending on project stage this could mean using the HS Boilerplate as a starting point, using HubDB to serve up dynamic pages, or when to use global modules that cut down on duplication and maintenance time.

#5 - Streamline Maintenance

Giving non-technical users the ability to create and deploy content without any coding background knowledge can lead to issues with site maintenance. Portals can quickly become overrun with poorly organised assets, duplicated content and bloated css. Well-developed template and module systems, bespoke to your requirements, can optimise aspects of the CMS experience ensuring consistency and clarity.

I have worked with Hubspot for several years and develop and deploy custom site themes. Contact me for more information.
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