Digital Consultancy - Support and services for Hubspot


Integrating your site with Hubspot, one of the leading inbound marketing tools, can turbo-charge your digital marketing capability. I have extensive experience in using Hubspot to:

  • Create and edit page templates
  • Deploy prebuilt Modules
  • Maintain forms/lists
  • Use gating and smart content
  • Setup 'Call to Actions' and 'Leadflows'
  • Implement custom interactive functionality
  • Blog creation
  • Use page performance tools
  • Integrate Hubspot elements in to other sites

Search Engine Opimisation (SEO)

You may already have a website up and running but are you getting the best out of it? I have worked with specialist SEO/Marketing agencies and implemented their recommendations on multiple sites. This knowledge is now available to pass on down to clients looking to increase traffic and quality of leads/conversions.

Site review and health check

The digital world changes so rapidly it's difficult to keep up with best practice, factors that can effect your audience's perception and your site's visibility on Google. For a fixed fee I can undertake a comprehensive review and provide a set of recommendations for your site, covering:

  • Design
  • Usability - user heat maps
  • Mobile (non-desktop) performance
  • Information architecture - how your content is presented
  • Search engine visibility